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“ We borrow from nature the space upon which we build”

– Tadao Ando


Captured Energy Design Studio was created with a goal to provide clients with Value-Designed Architecture. Our aim is to design and build efficient buildings to make the life of our clients better. Guided by our design philosophy, the main goal of Captured Energy Design Studio is to create spaces for our clients which respects nature. To design sustainable buildings which will not only benefit our environment, but will also provide our clients with a space that is conducive and energy efficient. By designing buildings that are sustainable, we can help lessen carbon footprints that causes global warming.


* Architectural Design

* Lighting Design

* Project Management

* Site Development Consultation

* Virtual Design

* Green Building Consultancy

* EDGE Certification Services

* CAD Drawing Production

* Design & Build Services

* Fit-Out Works


Architectural Design


The client commissioned the architect to transform their 1960s house in Makati into an income generating dormitory for young professionals. With this in mind, the design focused on Modern Zen inspiration by using clean and straight lines. To make the house stand out, the use of warm and inviting colors were used in contrast to the color scheme of the adjacent houses.


With their patroness Mary Mother of Good Counsel in as an inspiration, a simple and elegant design was done with the tabernacle as the centerpiece. Mahogany Wood was used for the walls. Fabricated piece by piece and put together like a puzzle.


A House renovation for a growing family. The Client commissioned the team to design the renovation of their Bungalow House using the existing ground floor exterior walls as a guide. The design adapts basic green techniques such as passive cooling, using natural light, and energy saving lights. The design also considered provision for Solar PV System Installation.


A renovation to accommodate their growing family. From the existing 3 Bedroom Layout, the challenge was to transform it to a 4 Bedroom Home that still has additional space that can accommodate a family of 6. The design was kept simple with minimal new accents that blends well with the existing design.


Space constricted, the T Samar Residence was designed to house a family of five. The main goal is to minimize the buildable area in order to have a bigger green open space for the family. The wind and sun path was maximize to ensure the coolness of the interior.


The couple wanted a minimalist house. The team designed this residence in tandang sora with that in mind. Wood accents were added to give the house an edge and stand out in the neighborhood. The light and breeze coming from the morning sun was harnessed by adding large operable windows in front. The spaces inside the house was maximized to reduce the building foot print so that more green open spaces can be added.


La Union is famous for it’s surfing spots and being a relaxed placed where people come for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The design took inspiration from Balinese Design. A relaxing oasis perfect for a Small Family of 4.


The goal was to transform an unfinished house to fit the budget of the new owner. The existing structure was maintained and the team added a wood finish to select parts of the house to give it a more vibrant look.

Lighting Design


The client wanted to capture the feeling of being in a hotel while at home. Warm Hues and Accent Lighting were used in the design to achieve this. Elevating the design of the spaces by highlighting and accentuating spaces through the light. 


To compliment the modern design of the house, the team design added hidden accent lighting to make the surrounding spaces more alive and interesting.

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