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solutions for a greener tomorrow.

CEGSI (Captured Energy Green solution Inc) was established in 2016 as an engineering company that specializes in providing design, solutions, and supplies. By harnessing the power of today’s technology, we offer our clients the opportunity to take control and manage their power requirements, while decreasing their dependence on power providers.

With a team comprising of young and dynamic engineers and architects, we remain committed to offering high-value, cost-effective engineering designs that enhance the quality of life without compromising our environment for future generations.


CEGSI specializes in technology, offering an all-encompassing and cost-effective renewable energy solution through system integration, project management, and efficient product supply and installation. Our consultation services cater to a variety of industries, assisting them in reducing production downtime and making informed decisions to improve their process, lower expenses, and enhance overall efficiency with real-time data input as a foundation.


Envisioning the leadership position of Captured Energy Green Solution Inc. on a global scale, our objective is to offer cost-effective, dependable, and eco-friendly solutions in partnership with our associates. These solutions would contribute to the stabilization of renewable energy and power grids, improve efficiency levels, and foster the preservation of health, safety, welfare, and the environment for future generations.​


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